UDS™ – Utility Locating

Utility locating services - one of UDS's specialtiesUDS™ has been performing damage prevention utility location for over 30 years. For the safety of all a utility locate should be performed prior to excavation, drilling, or boring. When the mandated public one call system has finished locating on your site, which can be contacted by directly dialing 811. UDS™ can clear the remainder of the site for private utilities that are not located by the one call system.

Service may encompass a large site including mapping on the ground of all possible known utilities down to a single conductor on a site. Without knowledge or as-builts, UDS™ provides the best service to locate as many utilities as possible. And in most cases plans provided may not reflect what is actually buried in the ground. These may have been installed different or changed over the years. Service is provided to environmental companies, construction, and any person that wants knowledge of what may be underground.


When 811 Does Not Cover It All: Preventing Damage to Private Utilities
This article by Kemp Garcia in Damage Prevention Professional magazine explains the process of a call for a public locate prior to calling for a private locate.